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  • Over 100 pesticide ingredients are suspected to cause birth defects, cancer, and gene mutations.
  • Every ton of recycled office paper saves 380 gallons of oil.
  • About 1% of U.S. landfill space is full of disposable diapers, which take 500 years to decompose.
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  • 84% of all household waste can be recycled.
  • Computers pose an environmental threat because much of the material that makes them up is hazardous. A typical monitor contains 4-5 pounds of lead.
  • One gallon of motor oil can contaminate up to 2 million gallons of water.
  • Agriculture absorbs 74% of all water taken by humans from rivers, lakes, aquifers and wetlands against 18% for industry and 8% for municipalities.

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UN: Pakistan Floods Displace 1 Million More People

UN: Pakistan Floods Displace 1 Million More People

The United Nations says new floods in southern Pakistan have displaced about 1 million people since Wednesday, worsening the impact of a month-long flooding disaster.

U.N. officials Friday said the newly displaced flood victims were forced to leave their homes in Sindh province as the swollen Indus River burst its banks.

Pakistani authorities ordered thousands of people to leave the historic town of Thatta in Sindh after the Indus breached a levee nearby. Many residents have refused to leave. Some were seen taking shelter in nearby Makli, sitting out in the open with their cattle and belongings, as authorities worked to repair the levee.

The floods that began almost one month ago have devastated a large swath of Pakistan, starting in the mountainous north and shifting to its southern agricultural heartland. The disaster has killed an estimated 1,600 people and affected up to 20 million others.

Pakistan’s National Disaster Management Authority warned Friday that the death toll from the floods will rise as floodwaters recede and the missing are counted.

The U.S. government said Thursday there is “credible” information that Pakistani militants may target foreign relief workers and Pakistani officials involved in flood relief efforts. U.S. State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley said U.S. officials are taking the threats seriously and working with Pakistan to boost security.
U.N. humanitarian spokesman Maurizio Giuliano said any attacks on relief workers would be inhumane. U.N. Undersecretary General for Humanitarian Affairs John Holmes said relief workers faced similar threats before the floods and will not be deterred.

Charities linked to Pakistan-based militant groups also have been providing assistance to flood victims.